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Privacy Policy

The privacy of customers, partners, clients, and users of Valstekt Enterprises' products and services is respected. The applicable Organizational and Personal information is collected to provide products and services. The below privacy policy covers the aspects of the information collected, the reasons, usage, storage, and all the possible disclosures.

Note: This is subject to change and this policy is kept up to date here.



By post, we can be reached at:


Valstekt Global LLP, #21-244/1, Noble Colony, Machilipatnam 521001

Krishna District, Andhra Pradesh, India

Or by email:

Data collected:

All visitors' information like IP address, timestamp, browser, and operating system is collected for analytics, logging, and security. Additional information like email, phone, address, and other applicable information is collected from customers, clients, service providers, and partners. For payments through credit or debit cards, applicable information is collected. All the information is collected through secure channels.


Data usage:

All visitors' information is used for analytics, logging, and security. Information collected from customers, clients, service providers, and partners is used to know, identify, interact, and to process in order to provide products and services.


Data security:

Security measures are taken while collecting, processing and storing the information. Our Hosting providers take measures to safe-guard the stored information. Our clients who use our services to provide services to their customers are responsible for the data that they access. All connections to our digital solutions are encrypted through the use of SSL. The data sent between the end-user and our digital solutions are encrypted. However, even with such encryption, it is possible for a third party such as your ISP to see what URL is being accessed. When a credit card is submitted, the credit card data is encrypted before being stored within an internal database maintained by our Hosting provider.


Privacy of your entire data including code is well maintained.​


Cookies for tracking of sessions and to store information that may be required for any processing are stored.


International transfer:

Visitors from outside the United States, are to be aware that personal information is being sent to the United States where our hosting provider's servers are located. Personal information including collection, storage and use will be governed by this privacy policy.


Third-party access:

Information collected is protected. Data may be disclosed under the following circumstances:

  • If required by law due to a subpoena or court order.

  • Information will be made available internally to carry out normal task such as requested support or billing.

  • Trusted third parties that are required for normal business activities such as processing credit card payments or affiliates.

  • Business transfers such as a sale or merger.


Data control:

Users can control their data in the applicable digital solution.


Data storage:

Data is kept as long as there is a business need to keep the data and payment history is kept for tax and accounting purposes.


Client's responsibility:

For the digital solutions and products we provide where clients can access their customers or users' data that we process and store, the clients are responsible:

  • For all the data of their users that they access in the products and solutions we provide

  • For all the content they present

  • For all the interactions and transactions

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